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Quality is meeting internal and external product requirements. C-CAT Inc. is committed to using continual improvement techniques to meet and/or exceed our internal and external customer requirements for all products and services. C-CAT will always Strive to improve and maintain the effectiveness of the QMS.

Carbon Carbon Advanced Technologies

Carbon Carbon Advanced Technologies

About Us

C-CAT was founded in 1988 by Francis Schwind. Mr. Schwind was the manufacturing engineer for the Carbon-Carbon Wing Leading Edge and Nose Cap for the Space Shuttle Orbiter. As the Space Shuttle program began to wind down, Mr. Schwind sought the opportunity to take his knowledge of the Carbon-Carbon manufacturing process to industry. Over the past several years, C-CAT has significantly advanced the state of the art for the manufacture of Carbon-Carbon.  Carbon-Carbon is a composite material comprised of carbon fiber reinforcement in a matrix of carbon. Carbon Carbon has gained a space-worthy reputation due to its high temperature resistance. It can withstand temperatures from 3,200 to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1760 – 2204°C). The material becomes stronger as it gets hotter. 

Parker Solar Probe

The main feature of the TPS is an 8-foot-diameter, 4.5-inch-thick, Carbon-Carbon, carbon foam shield that will sit atop the Solar Probe Plus spacecraft body. The system will protect the Parker Solar Probe from temperatures exceeding 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and impacts from hypervelocity dust particles as it flies through the Sun’s outer atmosphere.  (Video Of The Parker Solar Probe Shown Below)

Latest C-CAT Project Parker Solar Probe Heat Shield


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