Terms And Conditions

By accepting our Purchase Order, you agree to these terms and conditions on behalf of yourself, your organization and any entity that you represent. The Supplier shall, in performance of a Purchase Order(s), maintain a Quality System that meets the following requirements:

a)      Supplier shall comply with all terms of this Purchase Order in the manufacture and/or delivery of the materials or services.

b)      All work performed for Purchase Orders must be in accordance with the documents approved by C-CAT. Any changes to the approved documents that may affect the quality of materials, products and/or services for Purchase Orders must be submitted to C-CAT for review and approval prior to shipment.

c)      The supplier’s Quality System shall assure all relevant Purchase Order requirements are met and all applicable processes affecting the final quality of the product in the Purchase Order were rendered by qualified personnel.

d)     The supplier shall ensure that its employees or representatives involved in the performance of the Purchase Order are appropriately qualified, skilled (including technical knowledge and language) and experienced in their respective trades or occupations. The Seller shall ensure that its personnel, including resident representatives, shall, when located in the premises of the Buyer, comply with any applicable regulations including but not limited to health, safety, security, environment and internal regulations.

e)      The supplier’s Quality System shall assure all relevant Purchase Order requirements are flowed down to their sub-tier suppliers. The supplier’s sub-tier suppliers are responsible to comply with the same specifications and requirements specified on our Purchase Order. The supplier shall flow down to the supply chain all applicable requirements including customer requirements.

f)       Supplier’s Product Documents, Process Control Documents and Quality Records shall be retained at the supplier’s location a minimum of 7 years from the date of shipment, unless a longer retention period is herewith on the Purchase Order. The records shall be adequate to ascertain the quality level of production processes. This includes any test results or inspections used in the manufacture of the item on Purchase Orders. Quality records shall be provided upon request from C-CAT.

g)      The Supplier shall reserve the right of entry for C-CAT, C-CAT customers and regulatory agency personnel, for access to any and all facilities where work is being performed or is scheduled to be performed, including those facilities of Supplier’s sub-tier Suppliers, in order to perform inspections, inspection and access to applicable records, surveys or system surveillance as part of verification of conformance to the requirements.

h)      Supplier’s denial of access may result in disqualification of future procurement with C-CAT. The Supplier shall include the provisions of these facility access requirements in its PO’s with sub-tier Suppliers. This access shall provide, at no increase in price, cost or fee to C-CAT.

i)      The supplier shall notify C-CAT of nonconforming product within 24 hours of discovery, and arrangements for C-CAT’s approval of supplier nonconforming product.

j)      Any corrective action requested by C-CAT, C-CAT’s Customers and/or any said authority following any such inspection, test, audit or investigation shall be implemented by Supplier at Supplier’s cost.

k)      The supplier shall notify C-CAT of changes in product and/or processes, changes in suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility locations and, where required, shall obtain C-CAT approval.

l)     No component substitution is allowed without C-CAT’s approval. Alternate or equivalent parts must be approved by Purchase Order amended prior to shipment and acceptance by C-CAT Quality and Purchasing Department.

m)      The supplier shall be responsible for performing all required tests unless otherwise specified by C-CAT in writing. C-CAT reserves the right to sample and perform any confirmatory testing deemed necessary to ensure that the product conforms to the requirements established by C-CAT.

n)       Supplier shall ensure work is accomplished in a manner preventing Foreign Object Debris (FOD) or material in deliverable items. Delivered material must be clean and free from any material/debris, such as machined chips, burrs, dust of any kind, forming materials, corrosion, oil and other foreign material on surfaces to prevent FOD entrapment. Seller shall document and investigate each FOD incident and ensure elimination of the root cause of each such incident.

o)      The precedence of P.O.’s, specifications and requirements pertaining to the items contained in the C-CAT purchase order is:

1. Purchase Order/Amended Purchase Order

2. Engineering Requirements

3. Engineering Drawing

4. C-CAT Specifications

5. National Standard Specifications.

p)      The seller shall provide a Certificate of Conformance (C of C) with the delivery of the product stating that the requirements of the Purchase Order and Statement of Work (SOW –when specified) has been fully met. The C of C shall be signed by the Quality Manager or a designee.

q)      The Supplied Data Package shall include the following as applicable and/or required;

C-CAT Purchase Order Number
Suppliers Invoice
C-CAT Tracking Number and Quantity
A Certificate of Conformance from Supplier
Quality Test Reports
Shipping Documentation (Bill of lading, Pack list, & Certificate of Origin)